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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ambulance Parking at CAMC Memorial

Effective immediately – CAMC Memorial now has four (4) permanently assigned, non-emergency “AMBULANCE PARKING ONLY” spots at the front entrance of the main lobby to the Heart and Vascular Center. These four parking spots are marked with signage for “ambulance parking only” and security will heavily monitor these spots. Any non-ambulance vehicles will be towed. These 4 spots are directly in front of the main entrance to the Heart and Vascular Center (HVC) lobby, with access via 33rd Street. If you are bringing a patient into CAMC Memorial for an appointment, procedure, direct admission to a floor, or picking up a patient for discharge – please use this area to park your ambulance, load and unload your patient, and bring the patient in and out via the HVC main lobby. This is for non-emergent patients only. Please do not bring an ED patient or critical patient through the HVC lobby. If these 4 spots are full, please use the ED ambulance bay as always. You can easily see all 4 spots from 33rd street before making the turn into the HVC circle, so you won’t have to circle through if they are full – just proceed on to the ED entrance. For more information, click on the title above.

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