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West Virginia OEMS Pre-MIS
Specific Vendor Requirements.

If an EMS agency desires to utilize any collection software other than the WV PreMIS internet based
system, the vendor MUST meet all of the following requirements:

  1. The vendor must obtain and provide proof of NEMSIS Gold or NEMSIS WV Data Set Compliance Certification for the program version. data set, and XML format that will be used for WV data submission. Data will only be received from NEMSIS Gold or NEMSIS WV Data
    Set Compliant versions of software.
  2. Product must collect all required WV specific data elements and response sets in the correct format and as specifically defined in the WV Data Dictionary. Vendor must supply a crosswalk of all vendor collected item response sets into the specific data response elements listed in the WV Data Dictionary. Include in the crosswalk all vendor items collected. Indicate which items are:
    • Collected but not reported
    • Collected and reported as specified in the WV Data Dictionary
    • Collected in a different form or format from that reported or data translated interpolated from other non·NEMSIS Version 2.2.1 collected data. A justification for all responses not directly collected or not collected as in the WV Data Dictionary must be supplied. If a Vendor is providing data collection and/or reporting software to an agency, and the agency is given the ability to ·customize" or "turn on/off" data collection or reporting, a data crosswalk must be submitted for each format to be used. In no case may data elements required in the WV data set be turned off or changed.
  3. Product must pass the validation testing for specific records submitted from the specific agency application after installation and configuration with the specific WV agency. This process will include the submission of a test data file and a trial period during which individual patient care records will be transmitted as completed. Permission to submit data will not be granted until this test period is successfully completed and validated.
  4. Product must print a properly formatted WV EMS Patient Care Record which matches the format and style of the WV PreMIS Record print out.
  5. Product must be designed and implemented by the vendor and agency to assure that the Patient Care Record is completed. submitted, and accepted by the PreMIS system within 24 hours of the actual patient encounter.

Note: The record should be submitted immediately or as soon as practical but in no case greater than 24 hours after the patient encounter.

Special Notes:

  • I. It is the responsibility of BOTH the Vendor and the Agency to assure that the above requirements are met.
  • II. WV Certification is granted to the agency directly responsible for data submission. If a third party is submiHing data. the third party agency must also receive WV Certification.
  • III. Data submitted from a Vendor product will be monitored for quality and a Quality Assurance Score will be given for each record. Any problems with the data will be identified and reported to the Vendor as well as the agency using the vendor product. Vendors and agencies are expected to correct quality issues in a timely manner. Any agency data submitted using a Vendor product that consistently fall outside the specified Quality Assurance limits will loose WV Certification and the ability to submit data.

Final Ver. 2.4 WDR 05282008

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