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Certification for third-party vendors

The State Trauma and Emergency Care System and the Office of Emergency Medical Services is pleased to announce the availability of third party software program certification for the West Virginia electronic patient care record. The EMS Performance Improvement Center in Chapel Hill North Carolina will be conducting the certification process for the State of West Virginia. Vendors seeking certification for their software should contact Jeff Robertson Database Administrator at jrobert@med.unc.edu to begin the process. For an outline of the process please refer to the vendor document on our web site.

Please be advised:

  1. Agencies should be reminded that, at present, no software is certified as capable to submit data to the West Virginia Data System. EMS agencies are advised not to purchase from a vendor until they are sure the software has the potential to will work correctly.
  2. While only West Virginia approved third party software will be allowed to submit data to the West Virginia Data System, this software approval alone should not be taken and is in fact not an authorization for the any agency to submit data! Before an agency can begin to supply data, the specific agency installation of the vendor product must be tested and approved. Failure to receive both Vendor verification/certification and Agency installation verification/certification will result in the data being rejected!

For questions or if you have problems with the process please contact Robert Dozier.

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