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Drop Sheet Requirements

While preparing for the switch to Electronic Prehospital Care Records (EPCRs), several agencies have inquired what information should be left at the receiving facility in the event that complete EPCR completion is not possible prior to leaving the facility.

The Office of EMS understands leaving a copy of the completed EPCR will not always be possible. In these situations, the Office has developed a MINIMUM list of information that must be left with the facility in a written format prior to the attendant's departure. (This may be a photocopy of your "on-scene notes" or some similar documentation.) This minimum set of data must include:

  • Agency name and name of care providers.
  • Patient's name.
  • Chief complaint and history of the chief complaint.
  • Vital signs, level of consciousness, and pertinent physical findings.
  • Treatment rendered.

This does not prevent you from leaving additional information - this list is just the minimum information that must be left. There is no mandatory format - if you need an example to develop a form let me know and I will send it to you.

Additionally, you should work with your receiving facilities to determine if they desire a copy of the EPCR once it is completed. If so, you will need to develop a system to ensure this occurs. An example of such a system may include faxing copies or handdelivering at a later time. The desire to receive a copy will vary from facility to facility.

As you are aware, our current paper patient care records also have room on the reverse side to document patient refusals and other information. If you wish to photocopy the current document and continue using this format that is acceptable. There are other forms available as well - some examples were developed by the law firm of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC and are available on their webpagewww.pwwemslaw.com. They are provided as a courtesy to the EMS community by the firm.

Additionally, it is important you take the time to visit www.wvemsdata.com and complete your agency's enrollment packet if you have not previously done so.

Drop Sheet Memo

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