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Credentialing Information System (CIS)


As part of the new data system being utilized by the WV EMS System, each individual needs to updateand maintain their personnel demographic information in the Credentialing Information System (CIS). This system is the primary source of information used by the WV Office of EMS.

It is necessary to log into CIS for you to properly maintain your account profile and personnel information with the Office of EMS.

What is CIS?

CIS is the tool you use to maintain your address and other contact information. The email address, mailing address, and phone numbers in your profile will be considered your official information - failing to maintain this information could result in mail from the Office of EMS being misdirected. It is your responsibility to maintain this information.

What is a WV Number?

Each individual working or volunteering in the West Virginia EMS System has a WV Number. This number is the primary identifier that the Office uses to maintain information about the individual. In the past, this number was called the West Virginia EMS Certification Number and was restricted to only certified EMS personnel. WV Numbers are issued to non-certified EMS personnel as well, such as drivers, receptionists, and other staff who operate in the EMS system in a support capacity.

EMS personnel maintain a secure, electronic profile online using CIS - the Credentialling Information System. The login name for each user on CIS is their WV Number.

Do I have a CIS account?

If you had a West Virginia EMS Certification Number with either P, B, FR, M, RN, FN, PA, or MD letter prefix, then you have a have an account in CIS and also a WV Number. Your WV Number is comprised of the uppercase characters 'WV' followed by your numeric, six-digit certification number (e.g. WV999999). You will use this number to login and maintain your CIS account. If you don't know your WV Number, continue reading to find the correct course of action to retrieve or create a WV Number.

Find my WV Number?

There are two way to find you WV Number

  1. Use the CIS Public Access site:
    • Visit the CIS Public Access site and choose West Virginia as your state. Click "Enter Public CIS" to be taken to the CIS public access site.
    • From the left-hand navigation bar, choose "Personnel", and from that menu, choose "Personnel Search".
    • In the appropriate search boxes, enter your Last and First name and then click on "Search."
    • Your account WV number should appear in the Search Results box.
  2. Visit Find My WV Number and enter your social security number and date of birth. The information is collected securely and will not be used for any other purpose than providing you with your WV Number. If you entered this information correctly, your WV Number will be displayed if you have a CIS account.

Help! I can't find my WV Number!

Are you sure you have a WV Number but don't know what it is? Did you try both methods to find your WV number without success? If you still do not know your WV Number, Talk with your Squad Training Officer. In order to add you to the agency roster, the agency had to have use your WV number.

If are sure you have a WV Number, you used both methods to find you WV number and have talked to your Squad Training Officer but still did not know your WV Number, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT without first contacting Robert Dozier, WVOEMS Data Manager. While it is very likely you do not have a CIS account or a WV number, in order to appropriately track your certification and education, it is important to insure that you are not duplicated in CIS.

How do I create a CIS account?

To register for a CIS account and get a new WV Number, you will use the CIS Public Access Site.  Complete the directions below to create a CIS account.

Make sure you have a valid, working email address that you check regularly: CIS will require a correct, working email address to register for a WV Number. There are many free email services available. The web site administrator recommends GMail.

  1. Visit the CIS Public Access site and choose "West Virginia" as your state. Click "Enter Public CIS" to be taken to the CIS public access site.
  2. From the left-hand navigation bar, choose Profile, and from that menu, choose Register to Use CIS. The following screen will allow you to self-register, to create a West Virginia EMS personnel profile.
  3. Complete the required fields as indicated. If, upon entering your information, an error indicates that your social security number is already in use, please contact EMSPIC immediately. Do not falsify your social security number or date of birth to complete the form!
  4. You will be issued a WV Number. Write this number down, but don't write down your password where other people may find it! Keep your CIS account profile secure and up-to-date (you must have a valid, working email address to use CIS).

I can't log into my CIS account!

If you know your WV Number, then you have a CIS account and can log in. If you've never logged into CIS, perform the following directions:

  1. Visit www.wvemsdata.org. At the top of the page click on the CIS Login link.
  2. Your User ID is your six-digit certification number (including any leading ZEROs) and using the prefix WV - which must be capitalized (ex. WV012345).
  3. Your initial password is your social security number with NO spaces or dashes. (ex. 123456789)
  4. After signing on, the first screen you will always see is your profile page. This page contains your demographic information - those items marked with a * are mandatory fields and must be completed. (Notice that an email address is a mandatory field - the Office of EMS will be using email for the majority of its communications with certificants - so a VALID email address is extremely important.)
  5. You will be asked to change your password - select one you can remember.
  6. The next step is "signing" your security agreement. After you complete this final step you have completed setting up your CIS account.

If you followed the steps above and are still having difficulty logging into CIS, contact Robert Dozier, Data Manager.

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